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Memory Foam Topper

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Memory Foam Topper

  • This foam mattress topper is ideal for those who want to make their bed softer and to relieve pressure points on hips and shoulders. And unlike memory foam, our responsive foam keeps you at the surface to help you sleep cool all night long. We made this 2-inch topper to be compatible with most mattresses out there—not just for your Sleep & snooze mattress family.

  • Luxe Cover

    We covered the topper in a smooth polyester-blend that keeps your sheets from bunching.

  • Non-Skid Bottom

    Silicone beading on the bottom of the Mattress Topper prevents it from moving around a lot.

  • Responsive Foam

    We use our responsive open-cell foam that remains breathable, cushy, and supportive.

  • Easy Care and Cleaning

    This duvet cover can be hand washed or machine washed in cold water and tumble dry on low. You can also light iron the duvet covers as and when needed. Avoid using bleach and harsh detergent

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I use a topper?

Most use a topper to provide additional pressure relief and softness, when their current sleep setup is too firm. While it won’t help make a bad mattress better, it can help create a softer feel on a good mattress without purchasing a new one entirely.

2. How helpful Memory Foam Topper?

Memory foam is known for alleviating pressure points, though some soft toppers may compress too much for people who prefer a structured sleep surface. Back and stomach sleepers may benefit most from the firm model, which relieves pressure and contours without significantly softening the feel of your mattress.

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