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    Our tailor-made mattress are constructed with high quality & durable materials that which gives high durability for our mattress.

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Customer Reviews

The Perfect Mattress, Sheets and Box spring for Everyone

Happy dreams!

Soft and good give more comfortable in compact price



Oct 26, 2021


Pocket spring mattress just awesome my kids love it so much............



Nov 20, 2021

Euro-top is awesome

Very good mattress with a desirable price !!!!!!!!!!!!



Nov 10, 2021


Wow............... It's a worth and good product too softness gives more comfortable sleep ZZZZZZZZZ



Oct 05, 2021

Worth for the Price

This bed gives me more comfort in sleep as this product good support for Cushioning and this product price is also affordable.



Oct 28, 2021

Happy dreams!

The best soft mattress I strongly recommend for those who want to sleep on a soft mattress.....



Oct 28, 2021

Good in price

Brought this comfy mattress last month had comfort sleep worth of buying it



Oct 06, 2021


your Product is good and very useful. Comfortable spring mattress with extra air circulation and coolness i am very happy for the Amazon delivery team for the best and fast type of delivery ????

Nirmal Kumar


Feb 01, 2022

Worth every penny - fantastic

The mattress is very well made and of the perfect size. A very good quality product. its so comfort n suits ortho patients.. i liked it so much. Thank u Sleep and snooze.



Feb 01, 2022

All looks good - Head Gurd

The product is very good. Comfortable,giving me a great sleep... all day????. Nice material is used in its production i guess

Peter Lepcha


Feb 01, 2022

Dream Sleep

Pocket spring mattress just awesome my kids love it so much. received with proper packaging. Comfortable with zero partner disturbance. Completely satisfied with delivery. Quality is also good. Number of sizes available



Aug 12, 2022

Side Sleeper

Very good mattress with a desirable price !!!!!!!!!!!!

Pankaj Sharma


Aug 12, 2022

Good Fashion, Excellent product and value for money.

After lot of searches I brought this bed. Its good quality mattress compare to Other Brand Mattress. Its good buy if anyone thinking to buy new mattress.

Renuka G


Aug 18, 2022

Soft Fabric

It really gives luxurious touch while has immensely helped me in reducing my back pain...its amazing. It's perfect size for our bed. Neither too hard nor too soft. perfect mattress



Sep 07, 2022

Good in price

Saw so many mattresses online, Market and wanted something with spring and Super Soft foam. Did not know about the brand much, still tried. But believe me this is the best mattress ever. Extremely comfortable, pretty thick but feels like you are in a hotel. Best decision ever to buy this. Amazing!


pollachi Coimbatore Tamilnadu

Sep 22, 2022

Endless sleep

Brought this comfy mattress last month had comfort sleep worth of buying it. Cheap And Best Price


Varkala, Kerala, India Kollam Kerala

Sep 22, 2022

Best mattress out there in The Market !! High Carbon Pocket

A great mattress for a great night sleep. Arrived on time it is really comforeable to lie down and gives good support for the back. As it is a hybrid it is comfortable and silent at the same time. Really an amazing experience and would recommend it to all.


Chennai Panaji Nadu

Oct 12, 2022

Once of the best purchases in recent times

Explored multiple mattress and then go to know about natural latex. Went over different brands providing natural latex mattress and settled for Sleep and Snooze going by other user reviews, build of the mattress and good support structure. In general natural latex mattress are priced high, but if 1/3 of the life is spent on bed then it's definitely worth for a good night's sleep. Writing this review after 3weeks of using and this is one of the best purchases of mine in recent times. Good night!


Chennai TamilNadu Tamilnadu

Oct 27, 2022

Back Sleeper

Excellent product. Not only the mattress, I used to order all my domestic use purpose from Sleep and snooze only from pillow to wardrobe everything I am happy to buy from Sleep and snooze.



Feb 02, 2023

Special Sleep

This product is marvelous very nice and good. I feel very happy to tell that the product arrived safe and in good condition. Very much thanks to the Sleep Innovation Teams



Feb 02, 2023

Magic Cushion, Classy product

Nice comfort and perfect softness as well as hardness, perfect for right sleeping weight distribution. Who are sleeping for the first time may need 4-5 days to adjust.



Feb 02, 2023

Perfect product! Leg Guard

Perfect size ????,.and nice finishing ????..thank you Sleep And Snooze ????❤️☺️???????? Everything is good ????????



Feb 02, 2023

Must buy! Rubber Milk, Satisfied

I initially was afraid of the quality and comfort regarding this matters ,but the quality is too gud and I felt worth it. This is my third S & S Pure Latex mattress that I have purchased.



Feb 02, 2023

Dream Sleep ! Simply Awesome, Perfectly Fabulous!

it was above my expectations, brilliant material and it wud be right to say superior than Sleep and Snooze like a brand.. thanks Sleep Innovation ...



Feb 02, 2023

Fabulous ! Head Safe

My honest review its the best I brought as compare to other matters comfort look style and finishing everything is awesome superb and fab



Feb 02, 2023

Head Line ! Good quality product

Very comfy and soft pillow to use. It has Memory Foam which greatly helps if you often get stiff neck to use of super soft pillows. Gives good sleep. Packaging was really good. Worth the buy



Feb 02, 2023

Head Lock ! Must buy!

Nice product ????... Comfortable . Comfortable for kids while sleeping This neck pillow is super in quality and comfortable for long travel journey. I Highly recommend from my side.

Bandhan Patel


Feb 02, 2023

Decent product ! Combo . Very soft and comfy

This comforter is fabulous if you have cool winters, keeps you warm and feels so weight less..... I've been using this for a week and very happy for the purchase



Feb 02, 2023

Durable ! Good Fabric and Nice Product

This mattress protector is durable,fine in saving your mattress from any liquid spillage on the top. I liked the way it fit the bed, the waterproof worked so well. The fabric could have been much softer to feel



Feb 02, 2023

Dream Sleep With Comfort Place

Great mattress !! Very comfortable Packaging. It is comfortable and dimensions are same as mentioned. i really like the product...



Feb 02, 2023

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