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Warranty policy

In case of any manufacturing defects. Invoice and warranty card must be provided to avail warranty

Warranty does not include damages resulting from improper usage. Please follow tips given In "Mattress Care Instructions”

Warranty will be applicable only in case of product failure in case sagging of core of mattress

Reduction in thickness 15 inches will be considered as sagging, specification varies from model to model

Warranty does not cover components like cloth, quilted pads, any customization for personal

Comfort preference etc., improper handling storage of mattress. Warranty does not cover when mattress is damaged due to misuse like improper cot (Unauthorized or uneven surface) Folding. Soiling. Wetting. Burns. Ironing. Use of chemicals and fabric stains etc

this warranty shall not in any case extended towards payment or any monetary consideration whatsoever and shall be only limited to product replacement I rectification

if any variety of mattress has been discontinued, you will be provided with replacement mattress in the same price range as original mattress on a pro-rata basis if it is under warranty period

The Company will bear only cost resulting from repair in the first year. After 1 year of Guarantee period, if repair is required then repairing cost will be charged. Transport cost will not be borne by company