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Sleep and Snooze Rexin Mattresses

We redefine comfort and care in healthcare settings with our exclusive line of Rexin mattresses designed exclusively for hospitals. We understand the unique requirements and demands of schools, dormitories, and other institutional settings. Our mission is to provide unparalleled comfort, durability, and hygiene for the well-being of your occupants.

Why Choose Rexin Mattresses for Hospitals?

At Sleep Innovations, we take pride in offering mattresses that are tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities. Here are the reasons why our Rexin mattresses are the ideal choice for hospitals:

Unmatched Comfort

Our Rexin mattresses are engineered to provide superior comfort, offering patients a peaceful and restorative sleep experience.

Durability & Longevity

Hospitals require mattresses that can withstand heavy use. Our Rexin mattresses are built to last, ensuring reliability and performance over time.

Infection Control & Hygiene

We prioritize infection control in healthcare settings. Our mattresses feature waterproof, anti-bacterial covers that protect against spills, stains, and the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Pressure Relief Design

The ergonomic design of our Rexin mattresses minimizes pressure points, reducing the risk of bedsores and promoting patient comfort and recovery.

Customization Options

We offer a range of sizes and firmness levels to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of hospitals and their patients.

Product Features

  • High-Quality Rexin Material

  • Antimicrobial Covers

  • Fire Safety Compliance

  • Easy-to-Clean Covers

  • Hypoallergenic Materials

Pricing & Ordering

We offer competitive pricing and bulk order discounts
for Hospitals. Contact our dedicated sales team to request
a custom quote or place your order.



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