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How to choose mattress

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Our mattresses are engineered in a way to adjust your sleeping positions, providing
immense comfort, and supporting your pressure points. The mattress also adjusts
according to your spine and gives the best relief.

How to choose your mattress

If you’re looking to buy a new mattress, perhaps the most challenging thing to figure out is where to start. Do you go in-store or shop online? Do you prioritize budget-friendly options or luxury budgeted And what about the size, shape, material make-up, and design? Yeah, it’s a lot of things to consider, especially if you’re bed shopping for the first time. But never fear, Sleep & Snooze is here!

In this handy guide, I am going to walk you through exactly how to choose the perfect mattress for you.

Why to choose right mattress

Finding a mattress for yourself give you good comfort and much better sleep.
Just buying a mattress will not give you pleasure but choosing wisely by
firmness, softness and type of mattress that suites your body is must or else it
leads to sleepless night. What happens if you choose unsuitable mattress?

Back Pain

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause or worsen lower back pain. Lack of support from a mattress reinforces poor sleeping posture, strains muscles and does not help keep the spine in alignment, all of which contribute to low back pain


Anxiety is a common problem with people who experience poor sleep as the mind is not rested properly.


One feels difficult to sleep or keeps waking up because body is not able to adapt to the mattress. These lack of sleep leads to insomnia.


People that don’t get enough sleep, or often wake up during the night, have a higher risk of becoming obese than their peers. This is because the drowsiness and lack of energy caused by sleep deprivation can often lead to overeating.

If you feel hungrier during the day but haven’t increased your activity level, a poor quality mattress could be to blame. You should be able to fall asleep in 30 minutes or less – if not, consider replacing your mattress or adjusting your lifestyle.


It shouldn’t be any surprise, but low quality sleep will usually leave you feeling tired and drowsy. If your mattress prevents you from falling asleep, it could have an effect on your alertness throughout the day.

While it’s normal to feel a little drowsy during the afternoon and particularly late in the evening, early or extreme drowsiness is not normal. If you can’t fall asleep easily on your mattress, it could be causing you to feel unnaturally tired during the day.

Joint soreness

Is your mattress too firm for comfort? Firm mattresses are occasionally marketed as being good for your posture, but the reality is that they’re more likely to contribute to joint pain than softer, more supportive mattresses.

There’s nothing wrong with a firm mattress, provided it’s supportive. If you sleep on a mattress that’s overly firm and stiff, the extra pressure on your tailbone, shoulders and arms could lead to joint soreness over the long term.

Weak immune system

Have you ever noticed that you’re more likely to become sick when you don’t sleep enough? Long nights out with friends and low quality sleep at home can wear down your immune system and make your more likely to become sick.

From fevers to the common cold, a weak immune system makes you more likely to get caught by a wide range of illnesses. Keep yourself protected against illness with a mattress that gives you the comfort and support you need for great sleep.

Premature aging

Have you ever noticed black half-moon shapes under your eyes after you wake up from a bad night’s sleep? If your mattress keeps you awake, it could affect your skin in both the short term and the long term.

In a study of women’s sleep habits, cosmetic company Estee Lauder found that the women that slept the soundest had the youngest looking skin. Women that failed to get a good night’s sleep, on the other hand, were more likely to show signs of aging.

What Is Your Sleeping Position?

Depending on if you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper, you’ll find that your mattress needs
change. There is a mattress ideal for every preference, so think about the sleep position you
prefer in order to get a reasonable prediction of which mattresses your body will best respond to.

  • Side Sleepers

    Where back sleepers need balance, side sleepers need deep pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. This means that they’ll typically want to stick with a softer mattress that contours to the curves of the body to help prevent uncomfortable jamming in the night.

    Since side sleepers are exerting so much force on their joints in the night, it’s crucial that they land on a gentle bed designed specifically with pressure relief in mind. A lot of mattresses claim to alleviate shoulder and hip pain, but it’s important to really dig into the construction specs to figure out how well a bed is going to relieve pressure at these spots. I recommend that side sleepers stick with memory foam mattresses, which are known for their deep body-contouring, sinkage, and pressure relief

  • Back Sleepers

    If ever there were a type of sleeper in need of a Goldilocks mattress solution, it would be back sleepers. Too firm, and these folks could experience unnecessary tension at the shoulders and lower back.

    Too soft, and their hips could sink out of alignment with their shoulders, resulting in a bowed back and shooting pains up the spine. Therefore, these dreamers need a medium firm feel that falls right in the middle of these two extremes

  • Stomach Sleepers

    Most experts agree that sleeping on your stomach should be avoided when possible, as the natural curvature of the spine is not supported. This can add stress and discomfort to your muscles and joints. That being said, many still prefer this sleep position.

    But that doesn’t mean you’ll want to end up with a mattress that’s hard as a rock. The key here is to find a bed that combines super supportive foundations with thin comfort layers to provide just a touch of cushion to the overall firmness. Therefore, stomach sleepers will likely do best on an innerspring or hybrid mattress that marries tall coil sections with either pillow tops or a quilted cover layer.

  • Combo Sleepers

    Combo sleepers, those folks who combine all three positions into a snuggly smorgasbord of comfort. A popular sleeping style, but one that requires a dynamic mattress able to provide comfort across the back, side, and stomach.

    A medium-firm mattress is an excellent choice for combo sleepers because they typically strike a pleasant balance between pressure relief and support.

What Type of Mattress Do You Need

Now that we’ve explored some of the most important factors to consider when
shopping for a new mattress, it’s time to figure out exactly what type of bed
you need. Below, I’m going to introduce you to the most popular options. I’ll
describe what they are, how they feel, and who might like the most.


Memory foam has quickly become the preferred mattress type by online shoppers. Memory foam mattresses are built predominantly with memory foam, a material known for its slow response to pressure and deep contouring hug. Therefore, they provide an immense amount of pressure relief at sensitive spots like the shoulders, hips, and lower back. So be sure to take this into consideration and look for memory foam mattresses that also provide moisture wicking and cooling technology.

Who Benefits Most from a Memory Foam Mattress?

Those looking for pressure-point relief for their back, shoulders, and hips should consider a memory foam mattress. Also, if you crave a body-contouring and motion isolating mattress so your partner doesn’t wake you up each time they change sleep positions then you definitely won’t regret choosing memory foam.


One of the newest mattress types is the hybrid mattress, which combines top layers of foam with coils or springs for a one-two punch of pressure relief and support. These mattresses differ from innerspring models in that they have a more “balanced” feel.

Who Benefits Most from a Hybrid Mattress?

Those interested in a mattress that offers the feel of memory foam while maintaining the support a spring mattress are likely to prefer this type of bed. Edge support, motion isolation, and bounce all rate highly with hybrid mattresses. So if you sit on the edge of your bed in the morning, sleep with a partner, or have an active sex life, then a hybrid mattress should rank near the top of your list.


One of the most popular and widely used mattress types, innerspring mattresses are bouncy, supportive, and firm. Featuring tall sections of steel coils, these beds work best for those after a traditional, “old-school” vibe.

Who Benefits Most from a Innerspring Mattress?

Those who want durability, some bounce, good support, and impressive airflow (cooling) should consider an innerspring mattress. The edge support on most spring mattresses is also impressive.


Latex mattresses are another good option. A natural latex mattress is derived from the rubber tree. It gives off a milky white sap that is processed with a few other ingredients to transform the mix into rubber. The latex used can be synthetic or natural. Most latex mattresses consist of a blend of both. Natural latex is more environmentally friendly, but it is expensive to manufacture.

Who Benefits Most from a Latex Mattress?

Latex can work for a wide range of sleepers, but I especially like it for combo sleepers. These folks need to be able to move around and change positions with ease, so should benefit from latex foam’s natural bounce. And as mentioned above, eco-friendly sleepers will likely enjoy its organic composition.


A coir mattress is a coir foam mattress made up of natural fibre, obtained by removing coconut husk. The primary material is coconut coir fibre and source of such fibre is a coconut shell. It is then combined with a latex solution and used as the upper and middle part of a mattress.

Eco-friendly Nature – Since coir mattresses are made of natural fibbers obtained from coconut, these mattresses are completely eco-friendly. Also, no harmful substances or chemicals are used in either extracting the fibbers or manufacturing the mattress.

Who Benefits Most from a Coir Mattress?

The coir mattress is quite firmer and offers much-needed support to your body.... Due to natural ventilation, it offers a cooling surface, and you can experience a good night sleep. If you are suffering from back pain and also Coir foam mattress is a boon for people who are very allergic to dust and dirt. Since coir has an anti-dust quality which prevents allergies. It is also flame resistant which gives them an extra advantage over conventional mattresses. Supposedly, if there is a fire in your house coir foam mattress will still be safe.

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