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Exquisity Mattress

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Exquisity Mattress

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  • Designed with Bonnell Spring Units for better resistance and durability to ensure that each component part of the unit - helical springs, are stress-relieved and strengthened, thereby eliminating sagging of the springs. This mattress is designed with Convoluted H.R foam for relieving individual pressure points for ensuring sound sleep. this mattress has a superior quality Jacquard anti-skid fabric at the bottom that reduces the movement between the bed and the mattress, assuring an undisturbed sleep for you throughout the night

    Mattress Features: Pillow Top Mattress- Extra Thickness 1-2 Inches provides you a soft feel on a strong spring base.

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  • Quilted Fabric

    Exceptional design, soft Fabric includes all extra touches you deserve

  • Memory Foam

    High resilience premium memory foam is it’s able to use your heat and body pressure to form to your exact shape. It essentially creates a mold of your body.

  • Energetic sleep layer

    Engineered soft foam to dynamically adjust according to the environment. Get the support your body needs to relax into sound sleep.

  • Encased Pocketed coils (zero disturbance technology)

    Special elements in the steel forging process that adds greater durability , minimizes movement and provides more a better feel

  • Quilted Fabric

    xceptional design, soft Fabric includes all extra touches you deserve

  • Strong irreversible base No matter how much weight or pressure is applied, your mattress is strong and study

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