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Amaze Pillows

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Amaze Pillows

  • Our pillow insert is covered by ultra-soft embossed and brushed shells which is made from superior polyester offer a velvet smooth hand feel. And the premium microfiber stuffing is comfy and fluffy as real down. Strong stitch for added reinforcement prolongs lifespan. No agglomeration, No crunchy noise, No stab. Pamper yourself more soundly sleep with soft pillows.

  • Retains Shape

    The microfiber fillings in the Cloud pillow ensures excellent shape and bounce retention after a regular usage.

  • Tight Fabric Construction

    The outer fabric is tightly constructed to increase the durability of the pillow and provide comfort for a long time. The tight weave ensures added durability and resists wear and tear of the fabric.

  • Breathable Fabric

    The outer cover is made with high durable cotton and is breathable, soft with good moisture wicking properties.

  • Anti-Allergic

    The pillow comes with microfiber fillings for softness and resilience. The fillings give a fluffy feeling for a cozy, cuddling, and relaxing sleep.

  • Light Weight

    The soft inner fillings and the outer cotton fabric are hypo-allergenic in nature and have resistance against dust, allergens and mites.

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