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Lush Mattress

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Lush Mattress

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  • Do you find yourself waking up exhausted in the morning? After a busy day, your body needs a comfortable bed for a healthy night’s sleep. When you sleep well, you get up relaxed, fresh, and ready for the next day. But if you get up exhausted and sleep-deprived then, it’s time to switch to a new mattress. 

    If you find your bed too soft or too firm, it does not support your bodyweight, sagging, or accumulates heat making it too hot for you to sleep, then you should go for spring mattresses. 

    They can provide dynamic features at a lower price and offer excellent support to keep your body weight balanced while sleeping. Further, these mattresses made of spring are designed to offer air circulation.  

    What is a spring mattress 

    These mattresses, also called innerspring mattresses, have soft plush materials that increase comfort and utilize hundreds of metal springs to provide an underlying support layer. The quality of the material and the thickness of these layers may vary and can impact the comfort and feel of the mattress.  

    Who needs spring mattresses  

    People who are heavy and stomach sleepers can opt for innerspring mattresses.  

    The Excellent Benefits of using Spring mattresses  

    Comfort and Firmness 

    The firmness level in these mattresses is incomparable when compared with other types of mattresses as they are designed differently. The upper layer and the individually enclosed springs boost comfort while you sleep.  

    Relieves Pressure:  

    The springs of these mattresses provide support to the entire body. Consequently, your shoulder and hips will not be pressurized while sleeping. Therefore, they are also preferred by patients with hip and shoulder problems. 

    Excellent support for the body  

    The mattresses made of spring are powerful and stronger and offer support nearly for all body types.  

    Zero-partner disturbance 

    You can sleep peacefully even if your partner turns, as these mattresses do not transfer motion. Even if your partner differs notably in body size, these mattresses will provide the right level of comfort for both of you to have a good night’s sleep without any disturbance.  

    Better Air Circulation 

    One of the major advantages of using this type of mattress is that it promotes good air circulation. As there are open coils underneath, the air can flow around a little bit easier, so that you can sleep well in summer too. 

    Bacteria resistant 

    The right innerspring mattress will not hold bacteria and grime like other mattresses do. This is because it promotes a cooler sleep as bacteria cannot thrive in colder areas. Even if bacteria try to live, they cannot stick around for long periods of time. So, it is also going to be a lot easier and safer to clean.  

    These mattresses are budget-friendly, and with proper care and cleaning you can use them for more than a decade. There are many designs, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs. You can avail yourself of the 100 days free trial to check whether it fits your needs.

    A classic Multi Layered rubberized Coir sandwich construction with 5x more latex provides extra stability and natural feel. This is best known for Extra Firm orthopedic mattress with combination of durability and economy.

    With a durable coir core, it comes in attractive woven fabric and rich quilt design.

3D Image Labelling

  • Quilted Fabric

    Exceptional design, soft Fabric includes all extra touches you deserve

  • Memory Foam

    High resilience premium memory foam is it’s able to use your heat and body pressure to form to your exact shape. It essentially creates a mold of your body.

  • Rubberized Coir Layer

    The natural coir fiber layer can maintain a relatively cool temperature on the mattress and creates firmness for the mattress

  • Bonded Foam

    The bonded foam mattress is orthopaedic, crafted for providing unparalleled back support

  • Rubberized Coir Layer

    The natural coir fiber layer can maintain a relatively cool temperature on the mattress and creates firmness for the mattress

  • Quilted Fabric

    SExceptional design, soft Fabric includes all extra touches you deserve

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